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An Email from our president, Chris Coffman sent on January 21,2006

Welcome one and all. 

This is my first official e-mail and welcome to the group. 

I can't tell you how excited I am.  Things have progressed so well that they are almost falling into place.

I hope to have the web site up and in working order by the next meeting.  And the literature printed and ready for use for prospective new members.

First of all there are a few things I need input on.  I am afraid that "Firedevils" is already a registered name, so we need to do something with the name.  I would like to put Jersey in front of it.  I know that this is not what the members from Pennsylvania wanted but it is the location (and region specific) of where we meet. Nolly Gelsinger from regional said that most groups include something in their title to announce the area of your outreach. A  few members have expressed this concern and feel that Jersey or southern Jersey would be appropriate. I think Southern makes it a little long.  There is also NJ Fire Devils, or Delaware Valley Fire Devils. 

Please let me know about this asap.  If we do not come up with an answer it will hold things up such as opening the bank account and ordering checks and registering with Mid-Atlantic and National and most importantly the web site. 

I want the web site so that people will be able to give out a link instead of just an e-mail address or phone number,and that we have a link rather than just an address or e-mail for people to put on their web sites.

I also have excellent news. Karen Federici has offered to demo murrini at the next meeting so bring your glasses. 

I also want everyone to bring a bead, just one single bead.  Wrapped in a piece of tissue to be put into a hat.

Everyone who brings one will go home with one.  I want to do this as part of a "show and tell" , technique, discussion, promotion and "muse" stimulation.  I will figure out whether to do a Yankee gift swap or something like it in order to give them out.  For the folks who are yet just beginning, bring something you might have used in making a piece or something you used in a different technique that you would like to share with us.  Or you don't have to participate if you want but it is a good way to learn, get advice, and plan to try something new and get a new bead. 

Next news is we have several new members, Catt of Catt Walk will be joining our group and Maura and Nicole from "Hot Soup" are also joining.  We are already networking, people.  Along with Judy of Jubili Beads and Yarns, who has graciously offered some display space, Hot Soup has offered an exhibition in their Gallery starting sometime in May.  The opening would be May 5th and what you exhibit would be for sale.  They will be attending our next meeting in March in order to view and jury our pieces, so put on your thinking caps and create and bring it with you.  This will save you doing pictures and mailing or e-mailing them. 

Judy would also like to set up a display of works of the group and a possible trunk sale so I would need a volunteer or two for this purpose. They will  work with her and decide what should go into the display case or shelf and to set it up.

There is also one executive decision that I'm going to do, issue the monies for the web site.  I believe this should run us around $30.  Be assured I will not make money decisions freely or lightly but I think everyone is of the agreement that the web site be done and for the sake of expedience I want to do this ASAP. 

Chris Sweeney our web person is also working on a logo and getting things ready. 

If you are moved by any of these issues please get back to me within 5 days so that I can make decisions. 

Thanks to you all ........for your well wishes and offers of help, and we are up and running. 

Margaret "Chris" Coffman