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An email from Chris Coffman dated 04/22/06       

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have an invitation put before us.  June 4th, a nice day for an afternoon Sunday drive.  We have been invited to a brunch at Carlisle School of Glass Art, They will be serving homemade waffles.  They also wish to extend the invitation to members of your family or a friend or anyone who might be interested in glass, or just wants to take a drive.  This is not a regular meeting but an interim meeting.  Here is a link to their site and their up and coming classes.
Carlisle School of Glass Art - Fire Up Your Obsession!   for those of you who are dichro fans Lisa St Martin is coming up.
We will talk about this at the May 7th  regular ISGB meeting, and anyone who need directions, please let me know at that  time, in general it is literally 5 minutes further down the road from Wheaton.   
Please note that April 28th is fast approaching and that is the deadline for the Hot Soup show, and anyone wishing to demo please be in touch with Pati Dougherty, and anyone wishing to demo June 10th for "First Saturday" in Collingswood please get in touch with me or Judy Weinstein do not forget to check out Judy's classes, our own Diane Worthington is teaching  class and there are several others you might be interested in.  Also don't forget "Hot Soup" instructional courses.   
Also please bring any materials or finished pieces or beads with you to the next meeting that could be used in a display to explain what the ISGB is about and what lampworking is.
Let's do the bead exchange again for our regular meeting in May, everyone stretch and squeeze one more bead out to bring with them, I just think it is a really good exchange of technique and ideas.  I never found out who made my bead and thanked them  properly so THANK YOU, who ever you are I love the blue and green together. 
I also need for you to think if you want to meet in July....for the summer......we can resume our meetings in September or October, please think about this and depending on which one we pick will lead us to Nov or Dec.  I know you have school and kids and shows and Xmas orders etc and it is only the beginning of summer but if I can get an inkling of the direction, it is something I can work on over the summer.   
I also would like Yvonne to talk a little more about her guild project and what she might be able to use for displays. 
I'm sure I'm forgetting something, if I have somebody let me know. 
Get out your calendars and mark things down and I'll see you in May........



An email from Nicole Feller-Johnson from Hot Soup dated 02/18/06

Hello everyone!!

   This is just a reminder that I will be accepting work for the bead
show until April 28th.  we still have room in the show if people have
other work they would like to show!  Single beads or jewelry are both
fine!  Please let me know ASAP if I still do not have your work, but
you are planning on participating.  It's going to be a great show!

Nicole Feller-Johnson
Hot Soup Assistant Manager


An email from Chris Coffman dated 03/13/06

Well,  I have some news.  I am sorry I have been unable to get minutes out of the last meeting in a timely fashion but I am working on a couple of things.  First of all DH is out of the hospital and home recouping.  I am trying to get some kind of informational hand out together for the "Bead Binge" show this weekend and for anyone who is unaware.  It is Saturday and Sunday 10 am to PM, at the Cherry Hill Armory, one block south of Route 70 and Haddonfield Rd at Grove St and Park Ave.  And Salem County College is hosting the annual Flameworking Conference, Friday ,Saturday and Sunday, and I want to take info down there about us.  I will be attending Saturday. 

The open torch time at Carlisle will not happen until June 4th unless you want to go down some evening.  For those of you who were not at the meeting, we have been trying to set up an minimal cost open torch time at Carlisle School of Glass, so that you can go down and see their set up.  Please let me know if you think some evening other than Thursdays would be a good idea, say from 6-8 PM and we can have a small meeting at that time or we can just play.
Hot Soup would like to issue an open invitation for an additional meeting April 2.  Here are Nicole's words. 
" The meeting would be Sunday, April 2nd, from 3-6 PM (approx).  Hot Soup is located at 26 S. Strawberry St. in Old City, Philadelphia, by Penns Landing (you go over the bridge, and we are located between 2nd and 3rd sts, and Market and Chestnut sts.)"
There would be a demo and time to see where the "First Night" exhibit would be and to check out their set up.  And for anyone who did not get a chance to bring your work to the March meeting you can bring it to this one.  I have attached an application form to this e-mail incase you need it. 
Please give me feed back about both the Hot Soup meeting and an evening vs June 6th at Carlisle so I know what to relay to the people who will be setting  these things up. 
Remember that there is also an offer from Judy at Jubili to exhibit and demo works in June, I believe it was for their "First Saturday" in Collingswood.  Please get in touch with Judy at the store. 
Also Chris Sweeney will be in touch, she is ready to  list a member list and add links to your names i.e.:  your web site or auctions or e-mail.  Please let her know what you want. 
I will be in touch and please e-mail me with any questions or suggestions

Thanks , Chris

Jersey Firedevils

email from Chris Coffman dated 03/14/ 06

Here is a message from Yvonne, that I must apologize, I forgot to mention at the meeting then forgot to put in the other message I just sent out. 

"Please mention that I am on a gallery committee with the Ocean County Artists' Guild and I have gotten the tentative approval to do a GLASS exhibit !!!!  Please tell them at the meeting to contact me if they would like to be in it.  Currently scheduled for March 2007.  Even though it's so far off, I need to get a portfolio together of all the participants- to show the rest of the committee, I can not guarantee that everyone will be accepted- but it's great exposure.  This is an established guild with a good following.  Please also mention that I would like to include larger glass pieces - so if they want to spread the word.  I myself have started fusing and doing sculptural work and larger pieces.  I will also be contacting Salem Community College to post something there and see if I can promote some of the talent there....

Thanks, Yvonne    "
Please let Yvonne know if you can contribute so she can plan accordingly.


Judy from Jubili Beads and Yarns wishes to set up a disply of the Jersey Firedevils beads on the outside of the lampworking studio. Please bring one or two things to the next regular meeting, Sunday, May 7th- as per Diane Worthington