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Karen Federici
Karen Federici


Star MoldUsing the optic mold to form a ster
At the March 5th meeting of the Jersey Firedevils , Karen Federici kindly gave a demo of murrini making. She demonstrated her method of making heart,star & multiple-heart murrini for use in beadmaking. She also demonstrated that you don't necessarily need an optic mold to make murrini. Here she is using an optic mold to form a star that will later be encased.
Filling in the GroovesShaping after encasing the star

It is necessary to fill in the grooves between the points of the star to complete the murrini template and to make sure that the integrity of the star's points is maintained.

After filling in between the points of the star the murrini is shaped on a marver.

Encasing the starPulling the murrini cane

The perimeter of the murrini is then encased & it is readied to be reduced in size.

Voila! A star murrini cane!

Heart murrini

Karen also showed us that the basic techniques of murrini-making do not necessarily require a mold. She demonstrated how to make a heart murrini cane by using traditional shaping methods.




All photos courtesy of Merle Slyhoff