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Mission Statement:

The goal of Jersey Fire Devils is to promulagate professional, artistic and technical development in the glass bead community.

It is our desire to promote educational initiatives of all phases of glass beadmaking to the general public, and to offer a supportive environment to all who enter into our midst.

Purpose of this site:

The purpose of this site is to serve as an infomational and educational portal, providing our members with resources and information that they can use for sucessful beadmaking and glassworking endeavors. The Jersey Firedevils does not endorse any particular group, product or business.

Jersey Firedevils Meeting Schedule

The Jersey Firedevils will meet every other month, on the first Sunday from about 12:30-4:30 pm. There will be no official meetings until September. Have a great summer everyone!

Click here for a month by month listing of local classes

2006 Officers

President: Margaret "Chris" Coffman eMail Chris

Vice President: Jacqui Collins-Parker eMail Jacqui

Secretary: Sara Shuenemann eMail Sara

Treasurer: Yvonne Yaar-Sharkey eMail Yvonne

This website is designed and updated by Chris Sweeney eMail Christina